Reginald Bosanquet

Reginald Bosanquet was on the staff of ITN from its earliest days, initially as a sub-editor. He later reported from many parts of the world and was diplomatic correspondent for four years. He briefly became head anchor of ITN from 1974–1976, when Sir Alastair Burnet left to join the BBC’s Panorama programme.

His partnership with Anna Ford on News at Ten was popular with viewers in the late 1970s. As Ford has since revealed, this rapport could prove distressing: on one occasion Bosanquet, having somehow discovered the birth-date of Ford’s mother, wished the woman a “happy birthday” at the end of the broadcast, unaware that she had died some time previously. Ford recalled in 2007: “Reggie was a dear. I mean, you wouldn’t have chosen a man who had epilepsy, was an alcoholic, had had a stroke and wore a toupée to read the news, but the combination was absolute magic.”

Although held in considerable affection by the public (he was commonly addressed by family, friends and the media as “Reggie”), Bosanquet was not without his critics as a newsreader. At times he could appear puzzled by unfamiliar foreign names while his trademark slurred delivery fed contemporary suspicions that he was a heavy drinker.

He died from pancreatic cancer on 27th May 1984, aged 51 and is buried at Putney Vale Cemetery.

Image from Transdiffusion, used with permission.